Cast Iron Geocache Creatures: Crab

Cast Iron Geocache Creatures: Crab

Price (NZD): $25.00
Product ID:1462
Have you ever wanted to hide a geocache in a crab but couldn't get them to stop moving? Well, this might be a solution for you! 

These cast iron creatures are ready to add some fun and maybe even a little whimsy to your hides. With a waterproof container and log sheet included, they are ready to go! Just lift the back and you will find a small Bison container with the official Geocaching logo and a log sheet already inside. All you need to do is find the perfect spot to offer delighted discovery! 

There is even a little bit of room for some small SWAG or a couple of trackables.

These creatures are a two piece cast iron set. The top is not attached, it just sits in place. A small Bison with log sheet is included. 

Dimensions: Approximately 6 inches x 2.5 inches. Bison tube is approximately 1.75 inches long with a 1/2 inch interior diameter.

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