Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Gaia
Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Gaia

Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Gaia

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This is a classic depiction of Gaia emerging from a split/crack/womb of Earth and holding the fate of the world and all creation in her hands. Her hair flows down and becomes the oceans of the world and the sun rises over her shoulders. 

On the reverse we have the primary pantheon figures she has given birth to or created in an outer border that is a mobius strip symbolizing an unending presence in existence. Her symbols of life on earth in the background include (starting at 1 o'clock) the classic greek lotus symbol of fertility followed by agriculture grains, grapes of vines, insects, domestic land animals, fish, olive trees and crustaceans which all make up the principal interests of the Greeks at the time since. The phases of the moon mark both passage of time and the fertility cycle of the goddess. The sickle is of course the symbol of her castration of Uranus through Cronus so that she could release her children upon the heavens and create the Erineyes, the Giants, Nymphs and Aphrodite.

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